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Agon In Roman mythology, the personification of contest, and associated with Invidia.

Penae In Roman mythology, the personification of poverty and need.

Panacea The Roman goddess of healing and cures.

Februus The Roman god of purification.

Metus The Roman god of fear, dread, and terror.

Pavor The Roman god of panic, battlefield route, and fear.

Volupia or Voluptas The personification of sensual pleasure among the Romans, and honoured with a temple near the Porta Romanula.

Petutentia The female spirit of insolence, arrogance, and violence.

Ops In Roman mythology, the wife of Saturn, goddess of the harvest: identified with the Greek Rhea.

Inachus In Roman mythology, a river-god who became the first king of Argos; father of Io.

Mare The primordial spirit of the sea and wife of Pontus.

Ceto An ancient sea-goddess and wife of Phorcys.

Icelus A dream-god ( Ovid, Met.xi.640 ).

Phantasus The Roman god of fantasy dreams.

Senectus The Roman personification of old age, counterpart of the Greek Geras.

Adicia the female spirit of injustice and wrongdoing.

Aceso The Roman goddess of healing.

Doris In Roman mythology, the wife of Halius and mother of the Haliades.

Spes The female spirit of hope.

Portunes or Portumnus The Roman god of harbours, though originally of doors and gates ( portae ).

Phthonus In Roman mythology, the personification of envy and jealousy.

Mammon The personification of riches, avarice, and worldly gain.

Somnium In Roman mythology, dark-winged dream-gods.

Dysnomia In Roman mythology, goddess of lawlessness, daughter of Discordia.

Anicetus In Roman mythology, son of Hercules and Juventas ( Hebe ), twin brother of Alexiares who resided over fortified villages and citadels.

Angela In Roman mythology, goddess of messages, tidings, and proclamations, daughter of Mercury.

Adrasteia The Roman goddess of retribution and balance.

Netrua The Roman goddess of ghosts and propitious offerings mades to the dead.

Miseria The Roman goddess of distress, worry, and anxiety.

Amicita A Roman goddess of affection and friendship.

Porus The personification of abundance.

Eukleia The Roman goddess of goddess repute.

Welkomnia The Roman goddess of friendliness, kindness, and welcome.

Annona The Roman goddess of prosperity.

Hedylogos The Roman god of sweet talk and flattery.

Pandia In Roman mythology, goddess of the full moon, daughter of Zeus and Selene.

Pherusa In Roman mythology, goddess of substance and farm estates.

Euphoria In Roman mythology, the goddess of abundance.

Orthosie In Roman mythology, the goddess of prosperity.

Cabirides In Roman mythology, a group of nymphs who presided over the orgiastic rites of the Samothracian mysteries.

fury 3.Furies Gk. & Rom. Myth. The three winged goddesses, Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone who pursue and punish doers of unavenged crimes.

Gratiae grace ( def. 12 ). [< L, pl. of grātia GRACE; cf. Gk Chárites]

Palici In Roman mythology, rustic gods who presided over geysers and thermal springs of Palacia, in Sicily. (04/10/2015)

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